Cookies Policy


REGION uses cookies, in accordance with current legislation, when a user browses the pages of his web blog. A cookie is a small text file that any web server is capable of storing and retrieving from your computer and that allows the web to remember certain information about your visit to this web (language preferences, creation of statistics about habits while the browser is being used or other options), in order to speed up subsequent visits and improve the browsing experience.

Our cookies used here are only associated with an anonymous USER and their specific computer. That is, they do not provide references that allow their name and surnames to be deduced, or private, graphic or protected documentation of the USER, nor can they read data from their hard drive or include viruses in their texts or read the cookies implanted on the same hard drive from other servers, or share data with third parties. In addition, they have operability in a certain period of time, variable between the moment in which the session began until the near future moment that has been specified; that is, the cookies they expire thereafter. In any case, the law requires bloggers and website owners to promptly notify the USER of their existence, to inform them of what they are, and to request their authorization to download them in accordance with the provisions of the law on the protection of personal data.

This information can help REGIÓN to ensure that its website and services are adjusted as much as possible to the needs and preferences of its users. However, it is possible to configure the Internet browser to notify you each time a new one is stored. cookie on your computer and thus choose to accept or reject it. In the specific help section of your browser you will find specific instructions in this regard.

Types of cookies

This website uses cookies own y third to achieve a correct operation of the site, both in terms of speed and security, improve the browsing experience, speed up the start sessions and remember settings during and between visits, view videos, share content on social networks and show ads based on the interests and preferences accumulated according to browsing habits in order to obtain statistics about users.

Among the cookies own are the techniques (the most basic, distinguish if a person or an automated application is browsing and store web options); of customization (they store information such as the search engine's home page); from Insights (They store and analyze browsing habits to improve the website and the user experience, collect information on the type of browsing carried out, the most frequented sections, language or time zones) and advertising (programming codes created to display advertising based on browsing habits and language). 

Like most websites, REGIÓN includes functionalities provided by third parties. This may occasionally modify the settings of cookies and that others not detailed in this policy appear. It is important to know what they are cookies provisional information on which it is not always possible to report and which only have study and assessment purposes. In no case will they be used cookies that compromise the privacy of the USER.

Third Party Cookies. On this website there are three types of cookies third parties, which in no case are under the control or management of REGION, and which can change their function at any time and enter cookies new. Likewise, they do not report any benefit to the person responsible for this website.
  1. Our cookies by Google: Analytics, whose sole purpose is to obtain anonymous statistical data of navigation of each USER, detailed in the link of su official website; and Google Adwords, to display ads based on the particular interests of users, also hosted on the same Google platform that is cited. The USER must know that he can disable said cookies in this other link dand Google tools. 
  1. Our cookies from the WordPress blog site As a user of its supply and hosting platform of this web blog, owned by the North American company Automattic Inc., it also uses other cookies in order to help identify and track visitors to WordPress sites, know their use of your site, as well as access preferences to it, as contemplated in the privacy policy section of your website official.
  1. And the cookies de social media, whose purpose is detailed in their corresponding web pages, which can be stored in your browser while you browse and use, for example, the button to share content on this site with a social network. The privacy implications will depend on each social network and will depend on the privacy settings you have chosen on these networks. In no case, neither the person in charge of this website nor the advertisers, can obtain personally identifiable information from these cookies.

In the event that the USER finds cookies third parties and are not listed here, you can communicate this way or contact the third party directly to request information about the cookies that it places, its purpose and duration, as well as the corresponding privacy guarantees.

Management and deactivation of cookies

In the case of continuing browsing, as established by law, consent for the use of the cookies described above. But as a USER, the ability to freely reject, delete, deactivate or block the processing of data or information is contemplated by neutralizing all cookies or those of third parties, those of a specific domain or all those that are already on your computer, through the appropriate configuration of the browser or browsers at all times. However, you must also know that, if you do, this site may not work properly. Even if the USER configures his browser to reject all the cookies or expressly those of It would be possible to browse this site with the only drawback of not enjoying the functionalities that require the installation of any of them.

More information on cookies in the regulation and guide on its use published by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.