Bhubaneswar, the city of Shiva

A twenty degrees north latitude, with savannah tropics and Asian catarrh, but clear: coffee works wonders. The day was as long as expected. In this city, the great Bhubaneswar, the city of Shiva and the red gold sandstone with which its religious buildings are built, capital of the state of Odhisa, the distances are enormous and I cannot manage on foot alone. The most comfortable hotels are not what is said in the center…

At the end i found site in one that, although under construction, could not make things easier for me. And the rickshaws outside help you move fast but also the application Ola is imposed, as Pathao in Nepal, by taxi or motorcycle especially.

Bhubaneswar keeps the uniqueness, not to mention that there are hardly any tourists (concentrated in Rajasthan), of having dedicated all, practically all, its temples to Shiva (low intensity polytheism). The main one of them, Lingaraj, but accessible to Hindus only, was the first disappointment. I showed up so determined that I almost crossed the barrier. But, of course, they immediately stopped me. The Lonely Planet in the edition that I manage, he forgot this small detail.

By chance, once again, he ended up invited to an evening by the family brahmin in charge of the keys of the temple, of this and others of the city, for what I tell next.

I went through some of them, a very strange one but I leave it now, that dawn falls immediately, for another day, and in the Mukteswara (incredible works of sculpture and iconography of tantric hinduism, a complete discovery, the vault is only a jewel), I met Ratan, pandit ji and yogi too, who clarified the details of the ceremonies for me in case I decide to return to Bhubaneswar, the city of Shiva, which I do not rule out, in the hands of his family: it is already a lot of chance!

The mosquitoes mistreated me something although I hope they were not too much malarious. My rain hat was accidentally stolen from my backpack, yes, it was my favorite, but they left the 50mm lens in its place, so I soon went from angry to lucky. Tomorrow blast out on the local bus to Konark, World Heritage

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