Passion in Pampanga

Centurions of Passion in Pampanga

Faith, vows of penance and flagellation with live crucifixions in the Philippine province of Pampanga during Holy Week.

The Sky of Lhasa

View of the Potala from the Jokhan and the sky of Lhasa

❝At 29º north latitude, it was late afternoon in Lhasa. After settling my gear at the hotel, I hurried off to the Jokhang…

Manila, Yes I Want

Entrance to the temple of the bride in Manila

Kasal, a Philippine wedding ceremony in the historic center of Manila, the Intramuros citadel.

Bhaktapur, masks and parties

Mask day in the city of Bhaktapur in Nepal

❝At 28º north latitude, Bhaktapur, the capital of the tastiest yogurt in the world, preserves intact corners, parties and masks...

Swaraswati monkeys

Swaraswati monkeys

❝At 28º north latitude, today was the festival of the goddess Swaraswati, which is celebrated in the grounds of the Swayambu temple in the Nepalese capital...